What are Seaway's Standard Packaging Details?

  • Pallet and cartons are sized to maximize use of transit cube and warehouse storage space while maintaining manageable gross weights per carton and per full pallet.
  • Cartons are packed “full” (no head space) to minimize transit damage caused by handling and stacking/crushing. Seaway's custom size bulk pack carton (7" x 7" x 5.25") assures that no full carton exceeds 40 lbs.
  • Half pallets are used when appropriate to minimize the environmental impact of the disposal of packaging material. Half pallets also help to maximize transit cube space and warehouse storage space.
Pack Detail: Full Pallet Half Pallet
Maximum Dimensions 30x30x25", 762x762x635mm 30x15x25" 762x381x635mm
Maximum Weight 2600 lbs, 1180 kgs 1305 lbs, 592 kgs
Maximum Cubes 13 cu ft, .367 cu meters 6.51 cu ft, .1843 cu meters
Maximum Cartons/Layer
Maximum Cartons/Pallet