pipe & drain plugs

Pipe & Drain Plugs

  • High volume manufacturer
  • Produced to world standards
  • Base parts in stock
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Pipe & Drain Plugs

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special fasteners

Special Fasteners

  • Low-to-medium quantity manufacturer
  • Custom-produced to your standards and specifications
  • Hand-fed equipment accommodates 3” to 60" lengths

factory machinery

One of the largest nut-formers in operation in the U.S., this single cold heading machine produces over 7-million pipe plugs per year, with a total weight in excess of 2.5 million pounds.

Leading American Manufacturer of Cold Formed Products — Pipe & Drain Plugs and Special Long-Length Fasteners

Privately-owned and operated since 1957, Seaway Bolt & Specials Corp. is located in Columbia Station, Ohio, USA.

    • Cold heading, roll threading and secondary process capabilities
    • Leader in logistics and production
    • OEM and first-tier supplier to global customer base

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