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At Seaway, providing high quality products at competitive prices by the promised ship date is a commitment we take seriously. Whether you are looking for a pipe plug, drain plug, long-length fastener or machine screw, we welcome your inquiry.

To receive a quote, simply complete one of the RfQ forms, attach prints and/or specs as needed, and hit Submit. Your quote will be returned promptly.

Should you have questions, you can either type them in the “Other Requirements” box on the RFQ forms, or contact our sales office at 888-856-4866. A “live” phone operator will answer your call and direct you to the appropriate person or department.

Pipe Plugs & Drain Plugs

  • Standard
  • Modified
  • Custom
pipe plugs

Special Long-Length Fasteners

  • Industry Standard
  • Modified Standard
    • Carriage Bolts
    • Hex Socket Head Screws
    • Machine Screws
    • Solid Rivets
    • Studs
  • Specials
  • Long Lengths - 3" to 60"
  • 6" Max Thread Length
  • Diameters #4 to 1/2 or
    M3 to M12
special fasteners


Please Note: Product knowledge and an understanding of the end use for our parts are keys to successful purchasing. Providing accurate and complete information helps to avoid the need for re-quoting or problems with the finished part in its intended application. Here are examples of the information we need when you submit a Request for Quote:

  • Blueprints and specs
  • Material type and grade
  • Finish requirements
  • Special tolerance or gaging requirements
  • Packaging and labeling requirements
  • Quality documentation and certification requirements
  • EAU and release/buy quantities

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