Application Engineering

Whether it is a standard tapered or straight threaded plug, or an advanced net or near net shape, we are your trusted partner. At Seaway, we have the engineering and tool development, manufacturing, validation and testing, inspection, as well as logistics and service to meet your needs.

Our customers rely on Seaway for application assistance with our experienced sales, engineering and manufacturing personnel. We can meet virtually, or on-site at our facility or yours and provide the following services as an extension of your organization:

Value Analysis and value engineering (VA/VE)

Whether it is a new or existing product, our focus will be on reducing costs, improving function or both.

forming simulation analysis

At Seaway we utilize the latest FEA software and engineering talent, provided upfront to assure the most efficient and robust product and tooling design. We will simulate manufacturing conditions to assure the tool design is successful the first time, keeping your development costs under control and within budget.

3D printed prototypes

This service is available to assist customers with an up-front review for fit & function prior to tool development.

all tooling and process design is performed in-house... Seaway, tailored to meet your specific application and product requirements!

Material evaluation and selection assistance...

...with experience in carbon and alloy steels, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, and various stainless steel grades.

Evaluation of post-processing for thermal treatment and finishing... assist you based on your specific application.