Cold forming bolts machinery used by Seaway Bolts, special bolt & pipe plug manufacturer


We believe in using state of the art manufacturing equipment to produce top quality products, all while keeping the safety of our employees and a clean working environment as top priorities. Cold forming bolts, steel pipe plugs, and tapered pipe threads are just a few of the products that go down every day in our factory. But don’t take our word for it; see for yourself what actually happens behind the walls at Seaway!

  • The New 1500 Machine!

    “We’re taking delivery today of a National 1500.”
    “We just purchased a whole family of machines. The extra-large machine gets most of the attention because it’s so large. It’s roughly 465,000 pounds.”
    “To even move the machine, we had to take it down to 240.000 pounds just to be able to get it on a super truck.”
    “It’s got to cross...

  • Future Growth at Seaway

    “It’s amazing how much space matters when we start bringing in equipment. I never thought that we would fill that building as quick as we did, but it happened.”
    “Nationals machine’s based on the wire size that it can cut, and since the 1500 can cut inch and a half wire, that’s where it gets the name National 1500.”
    “Well these machines have been around...

  • Industrial Fasteners Institute : "Fastening A Career"

    “Fasteners. They come in all sizes and shapes. Some are quite small and relatively simple. Others are much larger and more complex in design and application. All of them play a very important role in the control and operation of a variety of industrial equipment. Automotive parts for every conceivable design of automobile and truck and all are part of the most sophisticated aircraft. How important...

  • The 1250 Walkthrough

    “This is Seaway’s National 1250 multi-die progressive parts forming machine. It’s the second parts former we have put into operation for our new advanced cold-forming division specializing in large diameter female fittings. Coiled steel rod is loaded onto a hydraulic payoff to be straightened and drawn into the machine. Feed rolls pull in a precise amount of material to be formed....

  • Working at Seaway

    “I’m super grateful to be able to work here because it’s my first you know engineering related job. Just being able to be in a manufacturing setting is awesome.”
    “So Seaway has been a great place to work for. I’ve definitely enjoyed it. I’m grateful for every opportunity I’ve had here so far.”
    “I’ve taken advantage of furthering...

  • 2023 2nd 1500 Machine Launch

    2023 2nd 1500 Machine Launch

    "Seaway Bolt and Specials Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of cold-formed fittings for virtually every market, including industrial, automotive, oil and gas, hydraulic and pneumatic, is well on its way to becoming one of the largest manufacturers of large-diameter advanced cold-form parts in the United States. The company, headquartered in Columbia Station,...

  • Ray's Speech at 2nd 1500 Machine Launch

    Ray's Speech At 2nd 1500 Machine Launch
    "Good afternoon, everybody! Welcome to Seaway. Genevieve, Jim. Joe Bennet, um, gave me a two-page script to follow. It’s on the podium behind me. There's no way in hell I’m ever gonna be able to follow it. I’ve been asked today, how do we do what we do, and how do we handle, uh, integrating new people. So I’ll just start out of the normal...