Seaway Announces Additional Equipment

August 30, 2021


Seaway Bolt & Specials Corp has completed “phase 1” of its growth plan and have made additional equipment investments to further their capabilities and add additional capacity in  advanced cold forming, as they begin “phase 2”. The investment involves rebuilding and  commissioning 2 large diameter parts formers for production in the next 12 months at its location  in Columbia Station, OH.  

Seaway is a leading global manufacturer of cold formed fittings for virtually every market  including industrial, automotive, oil & gas, hydraulic and pneumatic. In 2019, Seaway  announced and began a $10 million investment in a company expansion that included the  commissioning of 4 parts formers to support their advanced cold forming product lines. This is a  continuation of that promise to add up to 25 new jobs over a 3-5 year period and support the  ongoing business growth.  

The project is well underway with the delivery of two National 1.50” diameter multi station parts  formers to the company. The National 1500 machines will be completely rebuilt and  commissioned for production in early to mid-2022. Seaway will have backup capabilities and  capacities on all current and new parts forming product, and as a result, will be one of the largest  suppliers of large diameter, advanced cold formed parts in the US. 

Seaway is a second-generation family-owned business, originally established in 1957. The  company’s primary focus has been on cold forming and thread rolling taper threaded pipe plugs.  “We always want to protect our customers and with these additional pieces of equipment, we  will now have additional reserve capabilities,” said Ray Gurnick, president and owner of  Seaway. “We are making these additional investments to support the scheduled growth plan,”  added Gurnick. 

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