Seaway Announces Expansion in Advanced Cold

July 10, 2019


Seaway Bolt & Specials Corp has announced a planned investment of $7 million in building  expansion, industrial machinery, and new equipment at its Station Road location in Columbia  Station, OH. 

Seaway is a leading global manufacturer of cold formed fittings for virtually every market  including automotive, industrial, oil & gas, hydraulic and pneumatic. 

The investment is projecting to create 25 new jobs over a 3-year period. 

The project is well underway with the purchase of 4 large diameter pieces of cold forming  equipment. The largest is a National 1500 cold forming machine, which is one of the biggest high-speed steel forming machines ever built. In addition, construction has already broken  ground on a 25,000 square-foot addition to the existing facility.  

Seaway is a second-generation family-owned business, originally established in 1957. The  company’s primary focus has been on cold forming and thread rolling taper threaded pipe plugs.  

“The parts forming capabilities of the National 1500, in addition to other parts forming machines  currently in operation, will allow us to better serve our customers by offering complementary,  highly engineered components,” said Ray Gurnick, president and owner of Seaway.  

“This is an investment into our future. It means - not only job creation - but stability and long term employment for our existing staff,” added Gurnick. 

For more information, contact Seaway Bolt & Specials at 11561 Station Rd, Columbia Station,  Ohio 44028. Phone: (440) 236-5015 or visit us online: