Dwayne Toney

Materials Manager

Dwayne is responsible for reducing inventory, increasing turns, helping to control cash flow and spend, while maintaining the on-time delivery that Seaway is known for.  Dwayne is also a member of Seaway’s Executive Team, which sets goals and strategies for the company.

Dwayne joined Seaway in March of 2020.  Prior to working at Seaway, Dwayne worked as the Planning Lead at Howmet Aerospace (Previously Arconic) in Cleveland Ohio.  He was responsible for his team’s execution of deliveries of over $300 million per year - increasing OTD and reducing overall backlog.  

Dwayne started his career in scheduling, planning and procurement at Agrati USA (previously Continental Midland Group) in 2001.  When he started, a company merger was struggling to start off and deliver to customers on time. With his help the company was able to deliver at a sustained rate of 96% or better, helping that portion of the business to regain its Q1 with Ford and successfully grow. He helped manage hours, workload, inventory, and eventually regrowth of the company during the Great Recession.  He also took over at Distribution Manager when the distribution business was struggling with expediting from overseas suppliers. He reduced expedites by over 95% while also reducing inventory 30%. 

Dwayne graduated Cum Laude from Walsh University with a BA in Business Management and Leadership Development.  In addition, Dwayne has since completed the Scalerator NEO entrepreneurial curriculum, as part of Seaway’s Executive Team, which is taught primarily from faculty of Babson College.