The 1250 Walkthrough

“This is Seaway’s National 1250 multi-die progressive parts forming machine. It’s the second parts former we have put into operation for our new advanced cold-forming division specializing in large diameter female fittings. Coiled steel rod is loaded onto a hydraulic payoff to be straightened and drawn into the machine. Feed rolls pull in a precise amount of material to be formed. On the left are the kickout levers used to push parts out of the forming dies. These part families are highly engineered. There are over 50 pieces of tooling designed specifically for each part within the five forming stations used to manufacture parts at a speed of 60 pieces per minute. This is the control panel used to operate the machine and monitor the forming forces to ensure that consistent parts are manufactured. We are standing on the operating platform looking at the other pieces of the manufacturing cell including parts handling, scrap handling, parts washing, and ultimately packaging of the parts. This cell allows us to go from wire to box ready to be shipped to the customer.”