Working at Seaway

“I’m super grateful to be able to work here because it’s my first you know engineering related job. Just being able to be in a manufacturing setting is awesome.”

“So Seaway has been a great place to work for. I’ve definitely enjoyed it. I’m grateful for every opportunity I’ve had here so far.”

“I’ve taken advantage of furthering education and reimbursements through the company. It’s a pretty nice thing. I haven’t really heard of any other places that do stuff like that.”

“You know a lot of times you’re an intern and you work up the ladder but here it’s like if something needs done and you have the skills to do it, you’ll get the opportunity to do it.”

“I came in with really no manufacturing knowledge especially when it comes to bolts and stuff you know and everybody here was like super cool with like being ok with me not knowing anything. I kind of expected a lot of the operators to be like oh this darn college kid, he doesn’t know anything about this. They were all really nice about it and like hey, this is how this machine works, this is what it does, this is what changes this metric.”

“That’s the most thing I like is that we help each other out. It don’t matter if we’re busy or not, if we’ve got to stop and help somebody out we always do.”

“People joke a lot around here like there’s the Seaway way and there’s everyone else’s way. We definitely have a Seaway way, and to me that’s the right way.”

“Oh yeah, everyone here is great. I really enjoy the working environment they’ve created here.”

“They’re easygoing, so you can really get to know them personally and working-wise and they’re good people.”

“We just have a good time. You gotta have fun at work, right?”

“It’s never really a dull day here.”

“It’s nice being part of a family organization, family run, family owned.”

“Well we work together very closely, so this is my second family.”

“I feel like you just wouldn’t get that at a larger company.”

“Actually I know a lot of the guys who work here. I’ve worked with some of them in the past and it’s nice to join the team again and get with all these good experienced people.”

“Been here for 25 years now. My dad was here for 53 years. My uncles have worked here. My grandma. There’s a bunch of us that worked here.”

“I mentioned it to Joe and Ray, hey I’ve got a son. We had an opening here that we needed a young person so he fit just perfect.”

“I always say my mother got me the job here, so it goes way back to his grandma.”

“Now I’ve got my son here now too. He’s been doing it for 15 years and he’s a bit of a machine rebuilder himself too so the next generation is coming along. We’re going to keep continuing rebuilding and advancing the cold forming industry here at Seaway.”